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Why TechInColor?

A huge part of being empowered to put yourself out there, solve problems, and start something is recognizing and appreciating those who have already been in your shoes and succeeded.

TechInColor was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we saw so many problems surface, and were inspired to witness the amazing people solving them. We tried to find more of these stories online, but fell short when there wasn't a place to learn from the journeys of interesting leaders and problem solvers who we could relate to. That’s where TechInColor comes in.

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Who We Are

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Manasi Maheshwari


Senior studying CS and Econ at Harvard. Passionate about using technology to help people and build a better future. Loves crosswords and baking.

Michele Wang


Harvard senior studying Computer Science. Passionate about how finance, business, & technology work together to transform industries and improve lives.